Gemma’s Misson

I have decided to start putting what I have learnt over the years to good use, so that you can use it in your journey in the nail industry. Having competed in over 50 UK & International competitions and having over 22 years experience within the nail industry, dedicating myself to helping others and raising standards in every aspect of the profession.

Team Goal

To put what we have learnt over the years to good use, so our learners can prosper with us in an  exciting journey in the nail industry.

Our Vision

To help Learners to elevate skills so they can achieve greater commercial success, and start winning more trophies nationally and internationally.



Picture of Gemma



Gemma Lambert is an award winning nail technician and international educator! 12x UK Nail Champion International Nail Technician of the Year 2009

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Gail Nicholls


Quote "No matter how many knocks you get and feel like your no good keep going push your self keep learning keep bettering your self in time you will see the rewards"

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Carlie Salt


Have an aim, continuously aquire knowlege, follow your dreams and stay positive. If someone criticizes you, be open to it and keep believing in yourself to turn it into something positive. Have faith in your abilities as there is nothing you can not do with hard work... you will arrive at your destined place!

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victoria Haigh


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Kristen Tate


“Follow your dreams. Believe in yourself, commit to your work. Dedication is the key to your life long happiness”

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Laura Ashton


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Lynsey Urquhart


Lynsey Urquhart Qualifications 2008 Manicure and pedicure Artificial nail structures 2013 CNC Shellac NSI hard gel CND master painter Lash FX - semi permanent lashes Sienna X spray tanning

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Charlotte Venus


"Never be disheartened, we’re always learning, even if you’ve been in the industry a lifetime, just use it to better yourself for next time. Confidence is key, always"

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Jodie May Evans


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Nicola Smith


"The best piece of advice I was ever given was that we never stop learning! Push Yourself, don't get hung up on your failures, learn from it and move forward. BELIEVE in yourself and stay posative.

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Jo Duncan




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Marie Clarke

Sales Team

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Louisa senior

Sales Team

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Matheu Lewis

Sales Team