“Follow your dreams. Believe in yourself, commit to your work. Dedication is the key to your life long happiness”


In just 4 years I’ve found a passion within the nail and beauty industry that gave me fire in my belly.

From the first day I Picked up my little size 6 brush, I knew I’d found my ambition for life. I studied level 3

nail technology at college, learning the basics in all aspects of the industry. As soon as I qualified I began

working a mobile nail technician. I pushed hard to gain experience, gaining confidence and building a large

base of good clientele. I was ready for the next level! I began to train with Gemma Lambert at the nail team and

found a whole new world of nails. I’m trained in skills and Sculpting, acrylic and gel designs, 3D acrylic and gel,

one stroke, vintage gel and salon speed designs. Learning these courses allowed me to stand out from the rest and develop a creative side that I

never knew I had! I became addicted to ombré, reverse French, gliding and encapsulation. Creating unique designs for clients, using these methods,

are still my favourite skills. From being a mobile tech, I moved into a rented space and kept growing. I now have my own salon and teach The Nail Team

courses in my training suite. We work in a beautiful industry where so many avenues are there to explore. We are always continuing to develop. My

dream was to be the North Eastern Educator for The Nail Team and just a few years down the line, here I am. With my teaching qualification under my

belt, Im dedicated to train, inspire and develop others in this ever growing industry. What a beautiful reward that is! I have new goals, competition

work is beginning to excite me and I can’t wait to learn more new skills along the way.